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  "Info" at ""


Low Cost Web Hosting

Let Vorlon host your web site, at very low cost!  Our Services and Price List:


Simple Web Site Hosting with eMail

This is good way to set up your first web page.  It takes minimal time and experience, and yet you'll be on the web with your own address.  We'll even help you select a domain name, guide you through uploading your web pages, and add links to your page on our home page.  Call us!  Personalized help is just a phone call away!


$50 per year.  No Setup Fee

Want to order?  Send eMail to "Order" -at- ""

 See note on eMail accounts.


Web Hosting and eMail with Private Domain Name (previously owned domain)

Already registered your own domain name?  We can help you move it here and save you money!

$75 per year.  No Setup Fee

Want to order?  Send eMail to "Order" -at- ""

See note on eMail accounts.


We Do the Work! (Web Hosting and eMail with Private Domain Name)

We'll do it all!  We'll register a domain name of your choosing with an independent Registrar, setup all the internet plumbing, and have you on the web in hours!

$50 per year.   $50 Setup/Name Registration Fee.   ($100 total, includes domain registration)

Want to order?  Send eMail to "Order" -at- ""

See note on eMail accounts.


We Really Do It All!  (Build Your Web Site and Host It)

We'll really do it all!  We'll register a domain name of your choosing, setup all the internet plumbing, and design your web page!

$50 per year.  $200 setup fee

Want to order?  Send eMail to "Order" -at- ""

Note:  The setup fee is variable, depending on how complex a web site you want.  This site is a "$200" web site.   Simpler sites are less, more complex are more.  Contact us  for more info.





Note on eMail Mailboxes

In order to protect the internet from spam, we have had to restrict access to our mail servers to prevent "relaying" and account hijacking by unscrupulous spammers.  The practical upshot of this is to prevent you from using our eMail servers as your normal eMail server.  Therefore, our eMail accounts are actually "forwarding" accounts;  they receive eMail from the internet, then automatically forward it to another eMail address you already possess.  You pick up eMail using your existing eMail account.

"How Do I Use My New eMail Address?"

Somebody sends you eMail to your new address  The mail servers receive this mail and automatically forward it to your existing eMail account at


"What if I need to use your eMail servers as my main server?"

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned security risks of open mail relays, we are more than willing to help set up a special system for eMail if you so desire.  (We figure most people won't actually need this, but if we were correct all the time, we'd be rich and enjoying early retirement.)  Ask for help, and we'll do our best to accommodate you at no extra charge.



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