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Darkness on Harvey’s World  Science Fiction Novel
by J R Casey Bralla

Darkness on Harvey's WorldHarvey’s World seemed like a paradise, perfect for colonization. Its broad rolling grasslands were warmed by gentle breezes and blanketed with docile herbivores. But when the first small survey colony arrived and started sending bizarre reports of unexplained darkness, then abruptly stopped sending reports three days after landing, a rescue ship was rushed to help.
As the rescuers neared Harvey’s World and began to receive automated telemetry from the stricken ship, they learned that only four of the twenty-four crew members were still alive . . . barely. The survivors’ medical telemetry made no sense, but their final log entries made even less sense.
What happened to the survey colony? What was the darkness that enveloped the sunny green paradise? Can the rescue team save the remaining survivors without succumbing to whatever caused the disaster? Harvey’s World looked gorgeous and safe, an ideal colony planet. But something had destroyed the colony ship and crew within three days. The first rule of a space rescue is “Don’t Die Trying.”

Published by The NerdWorld Press
Special Order Price $19.95

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Design for Manufacturability Handbook (DFM)

Second Edition

James G. Bralla - Editor-in-Chief

DFM Cover

Here is the complete guide to lowering costs when designing manufactured products or improving existing one. More than 50 experts give you practical information concerning the optimum design of parts and assemblies to minimize the cost of manufacture. You’ll discover ways to reduce costs by simplifying and eliminating parts, thus reducing labor and materials thorough thousands of specific suggestions. And you’ll be given concrete recommendations for economical product design.

This handbook contains a clear summary of the characteristics and capability of significant manufacturing processes.  It teaches the basic principles of each process so that you can determine its usefulness in solving your own production problems. Of special interest are chapters on metal stampings, gears, screw threads, injection-molded thermoplastic parts, die castings, forgings, and rubber parts. Dozens of other chapter cover everything from thermoforming to adhesive bonding.

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Published by McGraw-Hill

Over 1,300 pages, 900 illustrations and 300 tables of data.


List Price $125

Our special price: $89 (+ postage & handling)

This books is also available in Spanish in 3 convenient-sized volumes.

Extra special low price of $49 (+ postage & handling)


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Design For eXcellence (DFX)

by James G. Bralla

The design for Manufacturability (DFM) approach has provided tremendous benefits to industry in furnishing product designs that are simple and economical to produce. It has become obvious to many DFM practitioners that the same kind of approach used in DFM could be used in a broader way so that not only ease of manufacture but also many other desirable goals of a sound product design could be achieved.


These objectives include: quality and reliability, safety, serviceability, user-friendliness, environmental-friendliness, and short time-to-market.  A suitable name for this expanded approach is DFX, where X indicates all important attributes and, thereby, product excellence.

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Published by McGraw-Hill

Over 300 pages with ample illustrations.

List price: $49
Our special price: $40 (+ shipping & handling)

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