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Get Professional Help

Vorlon Technologies offers professional computer help on a wide variety of subjects, and you pay only after we solve your problem, and only as much as you think our services were worth.

  • Pay Only When The Problem Is Solved
We will bill you for our services once the problem has been resolved.  If we don't solve your problem, then you simply don't pay.
  • Pay Only What You Think Our Help Was Worth

Think our help wasn't worth diddley?  Then don't pay!  We'll bill you based on the hours we spent solving your problem.  If you feel our advice was only 50% useful, then pay 50% of the bill!   If you think our advice was terrific, and saved you lots of time and aggravation, then pay 150% of the bill!


How Our System Works         What We're Good At




How our Help System Works

Let's assume you've got some problem with that $#@&*$ computer, so you send us an eMail at "Help" at "".   We will probably want to ask you some more questions about your problem, either by eMail or telephone.   After getting all the info we can, our nerds go to work, diligently investigate your problem, and find some brilliant solution in about an hour of our time.  We then send you an eMail politely asking you to pay us based on a $45/hour labor rate. 

You decide that our help "wasn't half bad", deciding to pay half of what we asked. 

If you pay less than half of our bill, we'll part company as friends, but we won't do any more work for you ever again in the future.  However, we will always give preferential help to anyone who has paid more than our standard rate to us in the past. You've got nothing to lose, since you decide how much our help was worth.

Want help?  Send eMail to "Help" -at- ""


What We're Good At

As nerds, we have a wide variety of computer skills.  We can help you with:

  • Linux installation (SuSE, Libranet, Mandrake, Gentoo, Debian, etc)
  • Network setups
  • Hardware installation (disk drives, video cards, etc)
  • NFS (Network File System for Linux)
  • DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Mail servers (sendmail, POP3, etc)
  • Web Servers (apache)
  • Firewalls
  • Windows 98/2000/XP setups
  • Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc)
  • etc, etc, etc

Please note that this list is in general order of expertise.   We're better with stuff at the top of the list, and less proficient with stuff at the end of the list.


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Vorlon Technologies

41 Mystery Rose Lane

West Grove, PA 19390-8806NerdWorld Logo


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Also see specifics for Web Hosting Non-Warranty

For more information, please eMail us at "WeaselWords" at  

Privacy Policy

Vorlon respects the privacy of our customers and visitors.  We do not spam, or provide any assistance to those who do.  If at some point we wish to offer "information newsletters", we will ask you permission before we sign you up.  We will not retain any of your credit card information.  Any information we do retain will not be divulged to any third party unless we are ordered to do so by a bona fide law enforcement agency or to investigate fraud or suspected fraud.   If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please let us know at "Privacy" at "", and we will attempt to correct any deficiencies in our policy protection, or explain our position to you in more detail.  Please note that we reserve the right to change this policy at any time (which actually pokes a huge hole in your protection under this policy).