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Our Services

Vorlon Technologies offers a variety of products and services.  These include:


Low Cost Web Site Hosting with eMail

You can host your own web page!  We can help you do it!

Create a web page for your family, your business, or any reason you like.   Let Vorlon set you up on the World Wide Web.  We can get you a domain name, allocate space on our computers, and having your personal page on line fast!

  • A variety of web hosting programs, with costs as low as $25/year (without any setup fees)
  • Full service web hosting and web site design available.
  • Multiple eMail addresses included in each web hosting plan
  • Custom plans available.

Personalized Help with Your Computer

Get help from our Nerds.  Let us help you fix that #$%&* computer!

Can't figure out how to wipe out the latest virus?  Wondering how to format that letter in Word?  Confused over how to address eMail?   Ask us, and we'll solve the problem!

  • Get personalized help via eMail and/or telephone.
  • Pay only what you think our help was worth, after we solve your problem.
  • Hardware, networking, Linux, and Windows help available.

Want help?  Send eMail to "Help" -at- ""


Nerd Books and Toys

We've got some cool books you will find fascinating.

Looking for a great science fiction story?   How about a fascinating reference book on designing parts for economical manufacturing?  We got 'em!

  • Science Fiction books
  • Manufacturing Books


How-To's, FAQ, and Help Files

Confused?  (Well, who isn't?)   Here are some answers to common questions and problems.

  • How-To's (How to create and upload web pages, How to setup up your eMail accounts, etc)
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Vorlon Information Technologies and The NerdWorld Organisation
  • Who we are.  What we are.  Why we are here.




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Vorlon Technologies

41 Mystery Rose Lane

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Privacy Policy

Vorlon respects the privacy of our customers and visitors.  We do not spam, or provide any assistance to those who do.  If at some point we wish to offer "information newsletters", we will ask you permission before we sign you up.  We will not retain any of your credit card information.  Any information we do retain will not be divulged to any third party unless we are ordered to do so by a bona fide law enforcement agency or to investigate fraud or suspected fraud.   If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please let us know at "Privacy" at "", and we will attempt to correct any deficiencies in our policy protection, or explain our position to you in more detail.  Please note that we reserve the right to change this policy at any time (which actually pokes a huge hole in your protection under this policy).